I create a plan for the postpartum period in collaboration with my clients, which may include the initial weeks up to months after the arrival of baby, as needed by each client.  I get to know the requirements and concerns of my clients, provide consultation about what to expect postpartum, and draft their Plan for Resilience that is specific to their needs.  This plan will hold the details of how and when they intend to use their resources and support persons/services along a timeline that is coordinated with baby’s development. Clients will also receive a Resource Guide, including resources such as lactation consultants, mental health therapists, meal delivery services, baby and me classes, etc, in locations as convenient as possible to their home.

A plan can include the following topics,
in addition to a client’s other specific areas of concern:

  • Resources for Baby Care

  • Supporting Baby Feeding and Lactation

  • Meeting Your Basic Needs of Rest, Nourishment, and Hygiene

  • Postpartum Physical and Mental Health

  • Engaging Help From Family, Friends, and/or Professionals

  • Household Task Management   

  • Personal Self Care and Identity

  • Nurturing Your Relationship While Parenting

  • Getting Out and Cultivating your Village

  • Including and Caring for Your Older Children

  • Securing Childcare

  • Returning to Work

How it Works:

  1. Initial in-person or video meeting to discuss postpartum needs and expectations

  2. I draft a Plan For Resilience and Resource Guide based on our initial discussion

  3. Second in-person or video/phone meeting to review the plan and make adjustments if needed (ideally we meet together with both expecting parents or the expecting mom and a support person)

  4. I provide a follow up call after baby arrives to check in and provide additional resources if needed

Investment: $350


If you just need a conversation about a specific topic or two, let’s talk!

Rate: $75/half hour


I love speaking with groups and organizations about postpartum matters. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.