Postpartum Planning and Consultation
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I believe that every family deserves a positive transition as they welcome a new baby into their lives. While we often get the baby gear, get ready for birth, and maybe brush up on first aid and baby care, seldom do we give ourselves the opportunity to plan for adequate support and preparation of our life after baby arrives. Whether a new parent or a veteran, my mission is to fully equip families for bringing a new baby home so that they can feel supported, joyful, and at ease, with all the right resources at the ready.

What is a postpartum plan?

A postpartum plan is a flexible outline for parents to care for themselves, be supported, and organize resources in the weeks and months after the birth of a new baby.  Similar to how a birth plan allows parents to envision and set boundaries around birth, a postpartum plan helps expecting parents envision and prepare for adequate support, limits, and resources after birth.

Birthing and welcoming a new child into our lives is amazing- it is also exhausting and can challenge us in deep and unexpected ways. In many cultures around the world, traditions exist to care for and support mothers after the birth of a baby. In the U.S., however, most families lack this cultural template and support. Parents of a new baby may live away from their own family network, and may be unaccustomed to calling in help or be unaware that they will need it. They are inundated with messages that parenting a baby is automatically a happy, natural experience.  When the real experience of having a baby does not match with this cultural story, it can feel overwhelming and shocking. Drafting a postpartum plan is a way to create one’s own template for resilience and call in adequate support, honoring the true needs of having a baby.